Custom Theme

Custom themes are one of the few services that RJI provides to improve the quality of journal management using OJS. Custom themes are specifically presented to make it easy for journals managers who do not have the ability to change the look of OJS. This service focuses on developing an exciting, elegant and professional OJS view.

In order to access this service you must follow the established procedures:

1. Register on the form provided.
2. RJI Team will contact you and start a customization process.
3. Sending donation to RJI (up to you, from IDR 300.000 until IDR 1.000.000)
4. We will provide information if the customization process has been completed.

Please note, that customization is limited for :
1. Customizing CSS
2. Installing custom block
3. Creating header and others not available for this service (we receive spesial request)
4. Please give donation min IDR 1.000.000 for special request.

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